Entrepreneurs of Middle Market Companies

If you are thinking of selling your business you should give us a call and allow us to explain the reasons why you should be considering a sale to an Institutional Buyer like a Private Equity Group. Institutional buyers are more reliable, they are better funded, and they move faster than strategic buyers. They also are able to pay higher multiples.

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Private Equity Groups/Hedge Funds/Family Offices

Tango has been working with Private Equity and Institutional Buyers since 2001 and we know the players and the market. Contact us today

Give us a call to discuss your acquisition/investment criteria. We have a very wide net and capture opportunities that you cannot find elsewhere

917-226-0519 or info@tangoequity.com

Alice Neuhauser Joins Tango

Entertainment Division/Opportunity Zones

Alice Neuhauser has a broad range of entertainment experience in financial management, establishment and oversight of corporate, legal and accounting procedures, and business development and strategic planning. From successfully developing a major commercial real estate project to assisting lenders in maximizing the value of distressed assets to managing the day-to-day operations of independent film companies, Ms. Neuhauser has demonstrated entrepreneurial success in maximizing effort and investment by finding opportunities to utilize both existing studio structures and independent constructs.

Ms. Neuhauser is an honor graduate of Harvard College and earned her MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

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SRI for Capitalists

Opportunity Zones – The deadline for reaping maximum benefit and shielding capital gains is nearing

Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (“QOF”) offer one of the best ever strategies to reinvest and defer capital gain taxes and offers investors an unprecedented means to reduce, defer, and exempt capital gains liabilities.

However, time is getting short since 2019 marks the cutoff for investors to reap to full impact of OZ investing.

It is estimated that private businesses will invest more than $100 billion[i] in Opportunity Zones and given the time constraints this is going to take place very quickly since to reap all of the advantages and provide the maximum tax avoidance the investments must be made on or before the December 31, 2019.

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[i] President Donald J. Trump in speech to opportunity zone conference, April 2019, citing Secretary Steve Mnuchen

Investment Opportunity

Bank for Sale – Very Profitable Investment Niches and Well-Positioned in High-Growth Industries

Featured Transaction – TANGO Exclusive
Bank Name Bank,Ltd. (“the Bank”) is licensed as a Category“B” Bank and is located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. It is regulated by the
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”). A Category “B” Bank is permitted to conduct banking activities worldwide but is restricted from any retail business within the Cayman Islands. The Bank is fully-compliant with all relevant regulatory bodies, adheres to Basel II, and performs Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering (“KYC/AML”) on all customers regardless of size or type. The Bank provides Services for high net worth individuals, hedge funds, private equity clients and corporations. The Bank also provides operating and high-yield term deposits and bank accounts for high net worth individuals and corporates. The Bank is implementing an automated, blockchain-based application process which will increase efficiency and allow the Bank to increase the number of clients, deposits, and investments, with minimal incremental costs. The Bank is highly profitable with its industry pretax margins in the top 5%.

Click on the link below to download the NDA/CA to received the Exec. Summary. Or call us in New York City, USA at 917-226-0519 or 212-457-1516 or info@tangoequity.com

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NEW: Offshore Banking Services for ICO, Blockchain, and Crypto Companies

If you have recently completed an ICO or fundraising for a Blockchain or Crypto companies you may have challenges establishing much-needed banking relationships. We can help your Crypto company to

  • Establish a banking relationship
  • Leveraged Gold-Back Investment Vehicles
  • Hard Asset Acquisition

M&A Buy and Sell-Side Engagements and Funding

The principals of Tango Capital have spent decades performing and financing M&A transactions throughout New England and North America. We have completed 56 middle market sell-sides transactions ranging from $500,000 to $85 million in revenue and buy-side transactions from start-up to $160 million in revenue.


Our principal has written books on M&A transaction from company preparation to transaction financing, and written articles for publications on many aspects of middle-market M&A transactions. One of our books is currenltly being used as a textbook in the MBA programs at several universities based in the USA.

Tango is an investment advisory firm specializing in flexible financing structures for small and micro cap public companies and operating privately held companies. Our investments in privately-held companies always or almost always involves an exit strategy through a publicly-traded vehicle. Tango offers a wide variety of advisory services including bridge loans, debt reduction and restructuring, structured equity financing, convertible debentures plus an array of corporate finance advisory services. We work with multiple institutions to create a flexible financial solution customized to your needs.


  • Tango Ventures Management, LLC (Advisory Services)
    • Acquisition financing
    • M&A
      • Business Roll-ups
      • Tuck-in and tuck-unders
      • Buy-Side Due Diligence
    • Management Buy-Outs
    • AR financing
    • Revenue Based Loans
  • Tango Ventures, LLC (Structure Finance) – Structured Finance
    • Bridge loans
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Debt purchases
    • Debt to Equity Conversions – Debt to Equity Conversions 3(a)(10)
    • Balance Sheet Enhancement
  • Equity backed loans (Securitization)

Since our inception, we have funded numerous public companies across many different industries. We draw from more than three decades in transaction value experience to provide intelligent solutions to each of our transactions, effectively assessing market conditions to find financing solutions to optimally fit your strategy and business model.

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