Connecticut has joined 18 other states who have decriminalized marijuana. Although the adult use of marijuana is currently legal the state of Connecticut is planning to start regulating the growth and sale of weed beginning in the fourth quarter of 2022. The bill established a Social Equity Council, which will promote and encourage the full participation in the cannabis industry by people from communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition. These individuals are referred to as Social Equity Applicants

Fortunately, our Co-Managing Member, Mr. Malino, is a Social Equity Applicant and he has spent most of his early life living in one of these disadvantaged areas and finally, after many years of very hard work, and after nearly 4-years in the US Air Force during Vietnam, and after earning two Master’s degrees (Biology and Finance) has bootstrapped himself out of the ghetto through a series of successful entrepreneurial initiatives in laboratory sciences, environmental engineering and corporate finance and governance, and now resides in the second wealthiest town in Connecticut. Tango will utilize this advantage and open up at least one adult recreational use dispensary and is contemplating creating a cannabis laboratory and research facility to formulate new products